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            HOT LINE: +86-510-80628100
            2019-05-31 Eternal participated the forum of 2019 TBM and tunnelling technology 2019-05-31 Dia3 meters reamer was exported to Peru


            Jiangyin Eternal Metal Industry Co.,ltd was set up in 2013 , main products including forging shaft and forging ring etc ,they have been exported to many countries .




            Application : construction machinery, oil & gas industry, mineral and mining industry, printing machinery ,paper making machinery ,metallurgical equipment , power equipment etc .
            Technical Article
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            • ADDRESS: No.68 Wanquan road,Shanquan Village ,Zhouzhuang Town ,Jiangyin City ,Jiangsu Province ,China.
            • TEL: +86-510-80628100
            • FAX: +86-510-86275121
            • MOBILE: 13961689585
            • E-MAIL: info@eternalmetal.com